Our Commitment

The City of Springfield draws its strength from the people who have been living and working in this Western Massachusetts community for 375 years.

Bringing the show back to Springfield

MGM Resorts has a long history and deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We strive to contribute to the quality of life in the communities where we operate through volunteer service, participation in local civic organizations, financial sponsorships and in-kind donations.

From the start, the MGM Springfield team has integrated itself into the fabric of the city and the broader Western Massachusetts region in an effort to reflect, sustain and build on the best of what the area has to offer – its businesses, neighborhoods, institutions, art, culture and local nuances.

And together we're bringing the show back downtown!

A true reflection of our community

MGM Springfield is proud to support and partner with local community-based organizations and institutions. We view these relationships as vital to our business and our success in Springfield. We are partnering, for example, with Holyoke Community College, Community Partners Network, New England Farmworkers Council, and FutureWorks among others, to build the networks we need to grow a new workforce and an associated educational environment that offers opportunity for people throughout the region.

Connecting and Inspiring

Springfield has a great many time-honored local civic traditions and we are proud to have become a sponsor of several. Annually, we look forward to getting to know our neighbors during the Pancake Breakfast as everyone congregates down Main Street. Additionally, we are proud to support local initiatives like Suit Up Springfield with members of our executive team having donated suits to help inspire young men and build opportunities for their tomorrow.


MGM Springfield supports nonprofit agencies that provide direct services to people living in the communities impacted by our development, as well as where our employees live. MGM Springfield’s philanthropic contribution choices reflect the communities we serve while honoring MGM's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and to building stronger host communities.

Funding Focus Areas


K-12 public education, public colleges and universities, community colleges 

Fighting Hunger

Programs that provide access and nutritious meals for food-insecure individuals and families within the community.

Health and Wellness

Programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve one’s well-being while reducing social and health challenges.

Workforce Development

Educational and training programs that align with our business and prepare individuals for sustainable career opportunities.

Environmental Sustainability

Programs that improve the quality of our environment and promote sustainability through education, stewardship of community ecosystems, conservation and beautification.

We fund work that:

  • Has a clear strategy
  • Can be effectively measured to evaluate success
  • Approaches challenges with a commitment to long-term change
  • Builds an inclusive and diverse community
  • Uses innovation to address a social issue

We do not fund:

  • Organizations in operation for less than 3 years
  • Faith-based organizations except for programs that benefit the community as a whole
  • PTA and PTO organizations
  • Private education institutions
  • Fraternal and sorority organizations
  • Athletic teams and clubs 
  •  Capital or endowment campaigns
  •  Political action groups, candidates or lobbying efforts
  • Organizations that discriminate based on religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation